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Umisho 130962011-04-12English
Umisho 129832011-04-13English
Umisho 128872011-04-10English
Umisho 127752011-04-08English
Umisho 126742011-04-04English
Umisho 1251162011-03-31English
Umisho 1241012011-03-22English
Umisho 123652011-03-21English
Umisho 122692011-03-20English
Umisho 121602011-03-18English
Umisho 1201062011-03-19English
Umisho 119662011-02-07English
Umisho 118422011-01-22English
Umisho 117952011-01-22English
Umisho 116732011-01-14English
Umisho 115582010-12-25English
Umisho 114972010-12-25English
Umisho 113922010-12-14English
Umisho 112852010-12-11English
Umisho 111782010-12-09English
Umisho 110952010-12-08English
Umisho 1091232010-11-16English
Umisho 108992010-11-08English
Umisho 107902010-10-31English
Umisho 1061392010-10-27English
Umisho 1051072010-10-03English
Umisho 104932010-09-29English
Umisho 1031072010-09-26English
Umisho 102892010-09-23English
Umisho 1011042010-09-23English
Umisho 1001342010-09-23English
Umisho 991772010-09-23English
Umisho 98852010-09-23English
Umisho 97392010-09-23English
Umisho 96842010-09-23English
Umisho 95582010-09-23English
Umisho 94812010-09-23English
Umisho 931442010-07-13English
Umisho 92762010-09-23English
Umisho 91372010-09-23English
Umisho 901012010-09-23English
Umisho 89782010-09-23English
Umisho 881032010-09-23English
Umisho 871412010-09-23English
Umisho 862812010-09-23English
Umisho 851882010-09-23English
Umisho 841782010-09-23English
Umisho 831862010-09-23English
Umisho 822052010-09-23English
Umisho 812172010-09-23English
Umisho 802132010-09-23English
Umisho 791622010-09-23English
Umisho 781762010-09-23English
Umisho 771962010-05-29English
Umisho 762132010-09-23English
Umisho 751982010-09-23English
Umisho 742302010-09-23English
Umisho 732412010-09-23English
Umisho 722322010-09-23English
Umisho 712972010-09-23English
Umisho 703252010-09-23English
Umisho 693762010-09-23English
Umisho 683962010-09-23English
Umisho 673872010-09-23English
Umisho 663962010-09-23English
Umisho 653502010-09-23English
Umisho 644622010-09-23English
Umisho 634422010-09-23English
Umisho 624332009-10-29English
Umisho 614712010-09-23English
Umisho 604472010-09-23English
Umisho 594472010-09-23English
Umisho 584542010-09-23English
Umisho 574222010-09-23English
Umisho 563992010-09-23English
Umisho 554672010-09-23English
Umisho 544402010-09-23English
Umisho 534352010-09-23English
Umisho 524152010-09-23English
Umisho 514732010-09-23English
Umisho 505262009-05-03English
Umisho 495532009-04-06English
Umisho 485802010-09-23English
Umisho 475002009-03-12English
Umisho 465182010-09-23English
Umisho 455102009-03-12English
Umisho 445232010-09-23English
Umisho 435672010-09-23English
Umisho 425412010-09-23English
Umisho 415422010-09-23English
Umisho 406242009-03-12English
Umisho 394692009-03-12English
Umisho 385292009-03-12English
Umisho 375542010-09-23English
Umisho 364682009-03-12English
Umisho 354852009-03-12English
Umisho 345832009-03-12English
Umisho 336112010-09-23English
Umisho 325242009-03-12English
Umisho 315152009-03-12English
Umisho 306342009-03-12English
Umisho 296212010-09-23English
Umisho 285292009-03-12English
Umisho 276172009-03-12English
Umisho 266592010-09-23English
Umisho 255642009-03-12English
Umisho 245842009-03-12English
Umisho 236792009-03-12English
Umisho 227392010-09-23English
Umisho 216752009-03-12English
Umisho 207062009-03-12English
Umisho 197272009-03-12English
Umisho 188132010-09-23English
Umisho 176992009-03-12English
Umisho 167242009-03-12English
Umisho 158462009-03-12English
Umisho 149282010-09-23English
Umisho 139702010-09-23English
Umisho 121,0102010-09-23English
Umisho 111,0362010-09-23English
Umisho 101,1242010-09-23English
Umisho 91,0652010-09-23English
Umisho 81,1832010-09-23English
Umisho 71,2332010-09-23English
Umisho 61,2832010-09-23English
Umisho 51,4462010-09-23English
Umisho 41,5772010-09-23English
Umisho 31,8242010-09-23English
Umisho 22,2072010-09-23English
Umisho 15,6882010-09-23English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
Kaname Okiura, a student of Prefectoral Umineko Shougyou High (`Umisho` for short), joined the school`s swimming club in order to learn how to swim, but the club is filled with weirdos, let alone teaches him swimming. Then, a sunny, happy-go-lucky girl named Amuro Ninagawa who was transferred from Okinawa joined the club. Her extraordinary underwater speed and unorthodox swimming style (plus her personal habit of nude swimming

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