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Time Stranger Kyoko 142008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 131602008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 12992008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 11832008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 10952008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 9912008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 81092008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 7792008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 6862008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 51132008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 4882008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 3932008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 21632008-07-18English
Time Stranger Kyoko 16132008-07-18English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , girl, love

 Summary   Edit 
In the 30th Century, the Earth has united as one country called Earth. Kyoko is the princess of the country and is protected by the last remaining of the Dragon clan (Ryuuzoku): Hizuki and his younger brother Sakataki (the princes of Ryuuzoku). She has attended primary school and junior high school and is currently in senior high where no one knows her true identity as the nation`s first princess. When The Smashers gang turn up at Kyoko`s and Witzig/Uitoshiku (the leader of The Smashers) takes a liking to Karen (Kyoko`s friend) she has no choice but to reveal her identity to save the school

She is then offered the chance by her father reading from a user manual, to pass the throne onto her twin sister Ui, who has been in a coma-like state since she was born. To wake her, she has to assemble 12 power stones and their owners, the `Strangers`, and awaken their powers. But just as she thought she was getting close to finally being able to speak with her sister, her sister murmurs in her sleep that she was born alone.

Kyoko is the `Time Stranger` and the leader of them all. She has the `Scorpion Cane` which can talk and helps her find the other Strangers. Kyoko can also `Time Halt` (stop the time) and `Time Slip` (go back in time). All the Strangers seem to be the head of their clan.

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