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Ryuuroden 1023252012-08-03English
Ryuuroden 1012172012-08-03English
Ryuuroden 1003122012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 992062012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 982122012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 972162012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 962022012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 952062012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 941982012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 932052012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 922332012-07-03English
Ryuuroden 913072012-06-11English
Ryuuroden 902282012-06-11English
Ryuuroden 892272012-06-11English
Ryuuroden 882522012-05-28English
Ryuuroden 872422012-05-14English
Ryuuroden 862182012-05-14English
Ryuuroden 852152012-05-14English
Ryuuroden 842172012-05-14English
Ryuuroden 832532012-05-01English
Ryuuroden 822202012-04-22English
Ryuuroden 812092012-04-22English
Ryuuroden 802232012-04-12English
Ryuuroden 792112012-04-12English
Ryuuroden 782352011-12-05English
Ryuuroden 772202011-12-05English
Ryuuroden 763442011-07-06English
Ryuuroden 752792011-06-10English
Ryuuroden 741882011-06-11English
Ryuuroden 732662011-05-18English
Ryuuroden 722622011-05-09English
Ryuuroden 712242011-04-29English
Ryuuroden 702362011-04-21English
Ryuuroden 692012011-04-19English
Ryuuroden 682172011-03-28English
Ryuuroden 672072011-03-27English
Ryuuroden 661602011-03-25English
Ryuuroden 651812011-03-25English
Ryuuroden 642282011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 633782011-06-14English
Ryuuroden 623012011-06-14English
Ryuuroden 611422011-06-14English
Ryuuroden 601772011-06-14English
Ryuuroden 591092011-06-14English
Ryuuroden 581162011-06-14English
Ryuuroden 571782011-06-14English
Ryuuroden 561762011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 551802011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 541572011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 531442011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 521492011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 511532011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 501992011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 491612011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 481742011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 473042011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 462,4682011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 456522011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 446312011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 436552011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 426142011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 415812011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 406422011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 395412011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 386522011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 376332011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 366442011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 356212011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 345682011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 336102011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 325482011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 315712011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 307132011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 296122011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 285462011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 275602011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 265502011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 255562011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 245582011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 235552011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 225372011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 214992011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 205882011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 194792011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 185002011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 175512011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 166122011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 156272011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 145912011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 135602011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 126012011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 116392011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 107262011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 96042011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 86222011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 76302011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 66022011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 57062011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 47092011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 37062011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 28122011-03-07English
Ryuuroden 12,0192011-03-07English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
A shounen story where 2 teenagers went back in time to the `Three Kingdoms` period of China. An entertaining action series with some light moment & a bit of romance. You also get to learn a bit about that era.

From JanKenPon:
Middle schoolers, Shiro and Masumi, encountered a mysterious dragon that brought them back to the time of the Three Kingdoms; situated in ancient China. As soon as they arrived, they were rescued by the Han Kingdom. Not long after these events, Masumi was kidnapped and Shiro barely escaped death... Soon the story gets more complicated as they are stuck in the past.

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