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c 75 - Omaki2672009-07-26English
c 74 - End2382009-07-26English
Riki-Oh 732452009-07-26English
Riki-Oh 721592009-07-26English
Riki-Oh 711572009-07-26English
Riki-Oh 701672009-07-26English
Riki-Oh 691632009-07-26English
Riki-Oh 682002009-06-09English
Riki-Oh 671612009-06-09English
Riki-Oh 661552009-06-09English
Riki-Oh 651802009-06-09English
Riki-Oh 642052009-05-03English
Riki-Oh 631892009-05-03English
Riki-Oh 621872009-05-03English
Riki-Oh 611892009-05-03English
Riki-Oh 602022009-05-03English
Riki-Oh 592052009-04-12English
Riki-Oh 581942009-04-12English
Riki-Oh 571862009-04-12English
Riki-Oh 561882009-04-12English
Riki-Oh 552072009-04-12English
Riki-Oh 542202009-02-22English
Riki-Oh 532062009-02-09English
Riki-Oh 522172009-02-09English
Riki-Oh 512332009-02-02English
Riki-Oh 502412008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 491972008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 482122008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 472012008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 462112008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 452172008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 442102008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 432082008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 422242008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 412302008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 402382008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 392232008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 382212008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 372442008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 362142008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 352382008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 342512008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 332602008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 323002008-12-28English
Riki-Oh 312008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 303872008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 292942008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 282972008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 273082008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 263312008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 253742008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 243352008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 233332008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 223252008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 213822008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 203852008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 193662008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 183782008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 173612008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 163842008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 154302008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 144872008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 134802008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 124582008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 114542008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 105182008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 94982008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 84862008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 74882008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 65172008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 55262008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 45482008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 35732008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 27042008-07-22English
Riki-Oh 11,7192008-07-22English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish, boy, action, 18

 Summary   Edit 
In the late 1990s, society is descending into ecological collapse and totalitarianism. Saiga Rikioh, 21, finds himself in jail.

Set in the near future, at the privately-owned Tokyo State Prison. Like the chilling wind of the end of a century, a mysterious man with a six-pointed star on his fist entered the pen.

Saiga Riki-Oh--serving a term of three years, due to assault, his first offense. Riki-Oh openly antagonizes The Four Emperors, four powerful prisoners that control the prison and keep the rest of the inmates in line. updated by ainee

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