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c 97 - - Extra122010-11-11English
c 96 - - End1022010-11-11English
Red River 951032010-11-11English
Red River 94322010-11-11English
Red River 93242010-11-11English
Red River 92262010-11-11English
Red River 91272010-11-12English
Red River 90332010-11-11English
Red River 89232010-11-11English
Red River 88262010-11-11English
Red River 87242010-11-11English
Red River 86212010-11-11English
Red River 85242010-11-11English
Red River 84212010-11-11English
Red River 83312010-11-11English
Red River 82232010-11-11English
Red River 81212010-11-11English
Red River 80282010-11-11English
Red River 79182010-11-11English
Red River 78222010-11-11English
Red River 77242010-11-11English
Red River 76222010-11-11English
Red River 75232010-11-11English
Red River 74212010-11-11English
Red River 73222010-11-11English
Red River 72242010-11-11English
Red River 71232010-11-11English
Red River 70342010-11-12English
Red River 69192010-11-12English
Red River 68192010-11-12English
Red River 67222010-11-12English
Red River 66212010-11-12English
Red River 65272010-11-12English
Red River 64192010-11-12English
Red River 63262010-11-12English
Red River 62192010-11-12English
Red River 61262010-11-11English
Red River 60302010-11-12English
Red River 59232010-11-12English
Red River 58212010-11-12English
Red River 57232010-11-12English
Red River 56262010-11-12English
Red River 55272010-11-12English
Red River 54242010-11-12English
Red River 53302010-11-12English
Red River 52252010-11-11English
Red River 51192010-11-12English
Red River 50372010-11-12English
Red River 49302010-11-12English
Red River 48252010-11-12English
Red River 47242010-11-12English
Red River 46272010-11-12English
Red River 45312010-11-12English
Red River 44242010-11-12English
Red River 43242010-11-12English
Red River 42282010-11-12English
Red River 41282010-11-12English
Red River 40282010-11-12English
Red River 39252010-11-12English
Red River 38322010-11-12English
Red River 37292010-11-12English
Red River 36242010-11-12English
Red River 35252010-11-12English
Red River 34252010-11-11English
Red River 33302010-11-12English
Red River 32242010-11-12English
Red River 31182010-11-12English
Red River 30392010-11-12English
Red River 29222010-11-12English
Red River 28232010-11-12English
Red River 27202010-11-12English
Red River 26192010-11-12English
Red River 25272010-11-12English
Red River 24302010-11-12English
Red River 23222010-11-12English
Red River 22252010-11-12English
Red River 21372010-11-12English
Red River 20372010-11-12English
Red River 19292010-11-12English
Red River 18422010-11-12English
Red River 17322010-11-12English
Red River 16382010-11-11English
Red River 15312010-11-11English
Red River 14372010-11-11English
Red River 13422010-11-11English
Red River 12472010-11-11English
Red River 11412010-11-11English
Red River 10422010-11-11English
Red River 9412010-11-11English
Red River 8312010-11-11English
Red River 7392010-11-11English
Red River 6522010-11-11English
Red River 5552010-11-11English
Red River 4642010-11-11English
Red River 3662010-11-11English
Red River 21262010-11-11English
Red River 19652010-11-11English

Also known as , Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori, Anatolia Story

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish & Good Ending, girl, boy, action, love, magic, monster

 Summary   Edit 
Many years after the end of Yuri`s reign... the Hittite empire is about to become an Egyptian territory through marriage between the Hittite princess and the Egyptian king. A traveler from Egypt, Maripas, comes to the land of the Hittites at this time and gets robbed of all his belongings while playing good samaritan. He`s then offered shelter by an unusually well-educated Hittite girl named Yuri. But this seemingly innocent meeting soon turns into a thrilling romantic adventure -- cases of mistaken identity and runaway royals are about to complicate international relations! (Datenshi Blue`s vol 28 does not include Orontes Renka. Instead, it was released separately by ShoujoMagic.) In 2001 this series won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shojo

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