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Psyren 1466542011-10-18English
Psyren 1451,3122010-12-05English
c 144 - Yoshina saves the world - End1,2022010-11-28English
Psyren 1431,1502010-11-25English
Psyren 1427442010-11-08English
Psyren 1419722010-11-08English
Psyren 1401,0952010-10-26English
Psyren 1399652010-10-17English
Psyren 1381,1072010-10-11English
Psyren 1371,2182010-10-03English
Psyren 1361,1692010-09-28English
Psyren 1351,2212010-09-19English
Psyren 1349672010-09-12English
Psyren 1331,2832010-09-05English
Psyren 1321,0232010-09-04English
Psyren 1311,2652010-08-28English
Psyren 1301,5582010-08-28English
Psyren 1291,2912010-09-07English
Psyren 1281,0582010-09-07English
Psyren 1271,0132010-07-17English
Psyren 1261,0652010-09-07English
Psyren 1259792010-08-28English
Psyren 1249962010-06-26English
Psyren 1231,0132010-09-07English
Psyren 1221,1632010-09-07English
Psyren 1211,4062010-09-07English
Psyren 1201,4572010-09-07English
Psyren 1191,5982010-09-07English
Psyren 1181,6302010-09-07English
Psyren 1171,5702010-08-28English
Psyren 1161,5692010-08-28English
Psyren 1151,5842010-08-28English
Psyren 1141,4712010-08-28English
Psyren 1131,5212010-08-28English
Psyren 1121,5642010-08-28English
Psyren 1111,5062010-08-28English
Psyren 1101,6782010-08-28English
Psyren 1091,6232010-08-28English
Psyren 1081,6462010-08-28English
Psyren 1071,5472010-08-28English
Psyren 1061,6892010-08-28English
Psyren 1051,5852010-08-28English
Psyren 1041,5202010-08-28English
Psyren 1031,5682010-08-28English
Psyren 1021,5622010-08-28English
Psyren 1011,5372010-08-28English
Psyren 1001,6932010-08-28English
Psyren 991,5002010-08-28English
Psyren 981,5452010-08-28English
Psyren 971,5412010-08-28English
Psyren 961,5022010-08-28English
Psyren 951,5282010-08-28English
Psyren 941,4072010-08-28English
Psyren 931,4172010-08-28English
Psyren 921,3882010-08-28English
Psyren 911,4812010-08-28English
Psyren 901,7622010-08-28English
Psyren 891,6622010-08-28English
Psyren 881,5572010-08-28English
Psyren 871,5612010-08-28English
Psyren 861,5362010-08-28English
Psyren 851,6712010-08-28English
Psyren 841,6572010-08-28English
Psyren 831,7522010-08-28English
Psyren 821,6102010-08-28English
Psyren 811,5192010-08-28English
Psyren 801,6322010-08-28English
Psyren 791,6062010-08-28English
Psyren 781,5812010-08-28English
Psyren 771,5392010-08-28English
Psyren 761,5072010-08-28English
Psyren 751,5482010-08-28English
Psyren 741,5462010-08-28English
Psyren 731,5412010-08-28English
Psyren 721,5742010-08-28English
Psyren 711,6442010-08-28English
Psyren 701,6702010-08-28English
Psyren 691,6072010-08-28English
Psyren 681,6392010-08-28English
Psyren 671,6852010-08-28English
Psyren 661,6802010-08-28English
Psyren 651,6142010-08-28English
Psyren 641,5952010-08-28English
Psyren 631,6282010-08-28English
Psyren 621,5942010-08-28English
Psyren 611,6152010-08-28English
Psyren 601,6392010-08-28English
Psyren 591,5942010-08-28English
Psyren 581,5212010-08-28English
Psyren 571,5152010-08-28English
Psyren 561,5352010-08-28English
Psyren 551,5632010-08-28English
Psyren 541,5282010-08-28English
Psyren 531,5692010-08-28English
Psyren 521,5562010-08-28English
Psyren 511,4892010-08-28English
Psyren 501,5912010-08-28English
Psyren 491,5802010-08-28English
Psyren 481,5482010-08-28English
Psyren 471,4902010-08-28English
Psyren 461,5552010-08-28English
Psyren 451,6052010-08-28English
Psyren 441,5752010-08-28English
Psyren 431,5442010-08-28English
Psyren 421,5162010-08-28English
Psyren 411,5392010-08-28English
Psyren 401,6612010-08-28English
Psyren 391,5302010-08-28English
Psyren 381,4692010-08-28English
Psyren 371,4852010-08-28English
Psyren 361,4872010-08-28English
Psyren 351,5332010-08-28English
Psyren 341,5452010-08-28English
Psyren 331,5212010-08-28English
Psyren 321,5232010-08-28English
Psyren 311,5512010-08-28English
Psyren 301,6142010-08-28English
Psyren 291,5242010-08-28English
Psyren 281,5292010-08-28English
Psyren 271,5482010-08-28English
Psyren 261,6122010-08-28English
Psyren 251,6262010-08-28English
Psyren 241,5352010-08-28English
Psyren 231,4852010-08-28English
Psyren 221,5032010-08-28English
Psyren 211,5842010-08-28English
Psyren 201,6192010-08-28English
Psyren 191,4882010-08-28English
Psyren 181,4762010-08-28English
Psyren 171,5322010-08-28English
Psyren 161,5792010-08-28English
Psyren 151,5672010-08-28English
Psyren 141,5422010-08-28English
Psyren 131,5982010-08-28English
Psyren 121,6262010-08-28English
Psyren 111,6572010-08-28English
Psyren 101,7582010-08-28English
Psyren 91,6442010-08-28English
Psyren 81,6502010-08-28English
Psyren 71,5882010-08-28English
Psyren 61,5912010-08-28English
Psyren 51,6342010-08-28English
Psyren 41,6162010-08-28English
Psyren 31,7082010-08-28English
Psyren 21,9062010-08-28English
Psyren 15,1382010-08-28English

Also known as , -サイレン-, Sairen

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
One day while heading home, Ageha Yoshina finds a public pay phone ringing by itself. He picks it up, receiving no answer except a calling card with the word `Psyren` printed on it. After Sakurako Amamiya, a girl in Yoshina`s class, disappears after mentioning `Psyren`, Ageha uses the calling card in hopes of finding the whereabouts of his classmate, despite being warned not to get involved. After answering a long and detailed quiz on a payphone, he is asked if he wants to go to Psyren. Furiously pressing `no,` he storms away. The next day, two men manage to find out about Ageha and his Psyren card. While being chased, he receives a call which gets louder and louder by the second. As he answers the phone, he is immediately drawn into the world of Psyren. A world which is inhabited by monsters called Tavoo. A world where players must fight to survive using the powers of PSI

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