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Phantom Wizard 20242012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 19162012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 18162012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 17162012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 16202012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 15202012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 14222012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 13202012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 12212012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 11762012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 10582012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 9542012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 8632012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 7572012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 6672012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 5722012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 4822012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 31032012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 21392012-05-28English
Phantom Wizard 14082012-05-28English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , action, love

 Summary   Edit 
In an age of chaos, the four governing spirits of wind, water, fire, and earth reigned. There were those who could harness that power to cast spells, and there were a few who were blessed with the ability to hear the spirits’ voices, and those people were endowed with the ability to control the “Darkness Rage”, “Luciffis” . . .

Twins, Rudius and Mattie, are on the run, trying to escape the Spell-Caster Monks, who are trying to capture them to take the Luciffis. When the two are separated, Mattie turns to a fortune teller named Kishiru Mishuru to enlist her help in locating her missing brother, and that’s where the story begins . . . updated by ainee

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