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Penguin Brothers 238782012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 226502012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 215602012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 205282012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 195522012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 185302012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 175682012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 165472012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 155872012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 145642012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 135822012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 125652012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 115722012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 105672012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 95542012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 85522012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 75802012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 66032012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 55692012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 46112012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 36282012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 26422012-04-11English
Penguin Brothers 11,3642012-04-11English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish, girl, school, love, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
Hina`s new high school is strange to say the least. She moves back to her old home town only to find that the high school is run by two opposing factors, and students identify themselves based on the color of their school uniforms: Black for the followers of the loud, violent Nishizaki, and white for the followers of quiet, clean-freak Isshiki. And then there are the `grays,` who wear street clothes. Hina finds herself stuck between the leaders of the two factions, and it seems to be turning violent.

As one might guess from the girly art and the Ribon publisher, the plot develops a romance element pretty early on in the series. There`s a love square involved among the leaders of the groups. Who will Hina choose?

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