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c 22 - - End1,0932010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 219972010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 207612010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 197312010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 187192010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 177142010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 167772010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 153,0592010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 142,8472010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 133,1842010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 123,3152010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 114,3712010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 104,2642010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 94,2302010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 84,7212010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 74,9392010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 65,1852010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 55,7702010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 46,4262010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 37,3332010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 28,6132010-08-28English
My Lovely Ghost Kana 113,9652010-08-28English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

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A young boy is named Amano Daikichi. His name means good luck. He is not lucky guy. He has recently lost his job and also home too. He was forced to move out from his home. He found an abandoned apartment building to stay so that he won`t be homeless. He found out that an abandoned apartment building was belong to a girl was a ghost who had committed suicide last 10 years ago. He begins to get to know and learns her name is Kana when Kana first appeared in front of Daikichi with his imagined first thought. After a night of heavy drinking, they found out that Daikichi is able to physically touch Kana instead of passing through her `body` when he reached home. They had started a sexual relationship and follows their budding romance as well as Daikichi has settle down into his new home and also start a new life too.

Warning: Contain nudity & sex scenes

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