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Mononoke Hime 142592008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 13752008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 12832008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 11952008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 10852008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 9902008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 81002008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 7882008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 6982008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 5922008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 4932008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 3942008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 21152008-07-12English
Mononoke Hime 14502008-07-12English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , action, mystery

 Summary   Edit 
Also known as Princess Mononoke, the Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghilbi film.

In order to satisfy their own needs for land and resources, Man is encroaching on their sacred territory, cutting down the trees and destroying everything else that stand in their path. As a result, the animal gods became angry and attacked the encampment.

Into this conflict wanders a young boy, Ashitaka, a refugee of the Emishi people. His people still live in hiding, but when his village was attacked, he shot and killed one of the animal gods. For this he has been given the curse of death.

He has begun a search through Japan to find the secret of his curse when he arrives at the encampment. Outside of the encampment he is attacked by the `Monster Princess`, a girl raised in the woods by Moro no Kimi (a 300 year old female dog god) and who is driven by a fierce hatred for the humans who are destroying the forest. She has repeatedly attacked the encampment, but after she meets Ashitaka, she becomes torn between her loyalty to the animal-gods and the world of the humans.
Surrounded by the warring characters of the humans on one side and the animal-gods on the other, each side believing in the righteouness of its cause, it is Ashitaka and San who must face each other personally and, by the end of the film, come to an understanding of each other`s world and make the attempt to coexist without hatred and violence.

Not far from the heart of the sacred forest where the great Deer God dwells, a new town called Irontown is founded. Conflict seems inevitable.

A young girl, raised by wolves, and a warrior bearing a curse inflicted by the hatred of a dying Boar God are trying to make things right. Will they succeed?

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