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Momoiro Sabbath 87402011-09-13English
Momoiro Sabbath 86152011-09-13English
Momoiro Sabbath 51142011-09-13English
Momoiro Sabbath 50512011-09-13English
Momoiro Sabbath 31432011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 30212011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 296842011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 283472011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 273382011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 263462011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 253322011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 243172011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 233572011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 223582011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 213522011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 204052011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 193602011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 183612011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 173862008-07-12English
Momoiro Sabbath 164092008-07-12English
Momoiro Sabbath 154412011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 144182011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 134082011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 124342011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 114612011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 105132011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 94572011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 84962011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 75282011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 65942011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 57542011-07-22English
Momoiro Sabbath 47722012-05-24English
Momoiro Sabbath 31,0332012-05-24English
Momoiro Sabbath 21,7032012-05-24English
Momoiro Sabbath 14,3252012-05-24English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , love, comedy, 18

 Summary   Edit 
The story centers around a number of witches. The heroine is Kagome, a low level witch with enormous strength. She has for mission to kill Tamakichi, a high school student with a demon soul, and a very unlucky boy. Fortunately she doesn`t succeed, begins to like him and becomes his bodyguard instead. Other witches with more magical power also have an interest for Tamakichi, i.e. they want to mate with him because they believe their magical powers will increase when succeeding. This is something Kagome doesn`t like of course. Pink Sabbath is a nice comedy, lots of fun.

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