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Metallica Metalluca 122122012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 112742010-08-17English
Metallica Metalluca 102002010-08-17English
Metallica Metalluca 92752012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 82612012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 72692012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 62662012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 53482012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 43962012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 34012012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 24452012-05-23English
Metallica Metalluca 11,1082012-05-23English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
In a world where rare metals drive the economy, `Minea`, the people who seek out these metals at the risk of their own life, are highly respected. A strange boy called Ruka has wandered destructively into the failing town of Elza, declaring that his goal is to be a Minea! He ends up under the surveillance of a village girl, Shella, whose little brother is sick from a poison gas accident in the town`s now-closed mine. But there may be more to this situation than meets the eye! Will Ruka be able to help his new friends, and maybe one day become a legendary Minea?maybe someday he might be the plumberman!!nthen we might change this story to plumbering plumberman!!!

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