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Love Hina 1246942010-09-10English
Love Hina 1234642010-08-28English
Love Hina 1222402010-08-28English
Love Hina 1212292010-08-28English
Love Hina 1202042010-08-28English
Love Hina 1191682010-08-28English
Love Hina 1181662010-09-10English
Love Hina 1171462010-08-28English
Love Hina 1161562010-08-28English
Love Hina 1151702010-08-28English
Love Hina 1141552010-08-28English
Love Hina 1131362010-08-28English
Love Hina 1121422010-08-28English
Love Hina 1111462010-08-28English
Love Hina 1101462010-08-28English
Love Hina 1091422010-08-28English
Love Hina 1081422010-08-28English
Love Hina 1071672010-08-28English
Love Hina 1061702010-08-28English
Love Hina 1051702010-08-28English
Love Hina 1041362010-08-28English
Love Hina 1031512010-08-28English
Love Hina 1021542010-09-10English
Love Hina 1011882010-08-28English
Love Hina 1001872010-08-28English
Love Hina 991522010-08-28English
Love Hina 981462010-08-28English
Love Hina 971482010-08-28English
Love Hina 961472010-08-28English
Love Hina 951342010-08-28English
Love Hina 941462010-08-28English
Love Hina 931312010-08-28English
Love Hina 921402010-08-28English
Love Hina 911562010-08-28English
Love Hina 901502010-08-28English
Love Hina 891462010-08-28English
Love Hina 881592010-08-28English
Love Hina 871562010-08-28English
Love Hina 861372010-08-28English
Love Hina 851442010-08-28English
Love Hina 841332010-08-28English
Love Hina 831462010-08-28English
Love Hina 821492010-08-28English
Love Hina 811622010-08-28English
Love Hina 801552010-08-28English
Love Hina 791472010-08-28English
Love Hina 781412010-08-28English
Love Hina 771402010-08-28English
Love Hina 761522010-08-28English
Love Hina 751492010-08-28English
Love Hina 741352010-08-28English
Love Hina 731462010-08-28English
Love Hina 721532010-08-28English
Love Hina 711532010-08-28English
Love Hina 701632010-08-28English
Love Hina 691502010-08-28English
Love Hina 681592010-08-28English
Love Hina 671382010-08-28English
Love Hina 661512010-08-28English
Love Hina 651512010-08-28English
Love Hina 641402010-08-28English
Love Hina 631242010-08-28English
Love Hina 621372010-08-28English
Love Hina 611522010-08-28English
Love Hina 601672010-08-28English
Love Hina 591532010-08-28English
Love Hina 581312010-08-28English
Love Hina 571342010-08-28English
Love Hina 561422010-08-28English
Love Hina 551382010-08-28English
Love Hina 541432010-08-28English
Love Hina 531602010-08-28English
Love Hina 521652010-08-28English
Love Hina 511602010-08-28English
Love Hina 501752010-08-28English
Love Hina 491442010-08-28English
Love Hina 481612010-08-28English
Love Hina 471512010-08-28English
Love Hina 461592010-08-28English
Love Hina 451602010-08-28English
Love Hina 441692010-08-28English
Love Hina 431922010-08-28English
Love Hina 421802010-08-28English
Love Hina 411872010-08-28English
Love Hina 401972010-08-28English
Love Hina 391912010-08-28English
Love Hina 382032010-08-28English
Love Hina 372022010-08-28English
Love Hina 362112010-08-28English
Love Hina 352252010-08-28English
Love Hina 342112010-08-28English
Love Hina 332142010-08-28English
Love Hina 322172010-08-28English
Love Hina 312212010-08-28English
Love Hina 302292010-08-28English
Love Hina 292162010-08-28English
Love Hina 282242010-08-28English
Love Hina 272172010-08-28English
Love Hina 262242010-08-28English
Love Hina 252432010-08-28English
Love Hina 242412010-08-28English
Love Hina 232302010-08-28English
Love Hina 222362010-08-28English
Love Hina 212432010-08-28English
Love Hina 202512010-08-28English
Love Hina 192312010-08-28English
Love Hina 182372010-08-28English
Love Hina 172582010-08-28English
Love Hina 162672010-08-28English
Love Hina 152832010-08-28English
Love Hina 142872010-09-10English
Love Hina 133042010-08-28English
Love Hina 123122010-08-28English
Love Hina 113202010-08-28English
Love Hina 103462010-08-28English
Love Hina 93342010-08-28English
Love Hina 83422010-08-28English
Love Hina 73692010-08-28English
Love Hina 64132010-08-28English
Love Hina 54462010-08-28English
Love Hina 44632010-08-28English
Love Hina 35142010-08-28English
Love Hina 25612010-08-28English
Love Hina 11,7742010-08-28English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish, boy, school, love, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
When he was a child, Keitaro Urashima promised with a girl that they would meet in Tokyo University (Toudai). For this reason he has tried to get into the prestigious university, but has failed the entrance exam two years in a row. When his parents kick him out of the house he tries to find lodging at his Grandmother`s inn, but unbeknownst to him it has been changed into an all-girls dormitory. He is allowed to stay in the position of kanrinin (dorm manager) but his clumsiness tends to land him in trouble with the girls. To achieve his dream, he studies to pass the Tokyo University exam along with Naru Narusegawa, who has her own reasons for wanting to get into Toudai.

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