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Lilim Kiss 241,3002012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 238252012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 227992012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 217812012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 208232012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 198142012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 188212012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 178502012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 168322012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 158792012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 148712012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 138842012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 129382012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 118742012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 109872012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 99912012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 89822012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 71,0222012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 61,0342012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 51,1082012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 41,0982012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 31,1962012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 21,3282012-04-10English
Lilim Kiss 12,9922012-04-10English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish, boy, action, school, love, monster, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
Saiki Takaya, a guy who is easily misunderstood, one day finds a flask containing the succubus Lilim. She is very attractive but, she also has the tendency to drain the life force out of people. She surprises the life out of him (literally) when she kisses him unconscious. The girl, Lilim, turns out to be a succubus who gains energy by kissing guys. Lilim then flies off for more `food,` but returns later, saying that Takaya`s life-energy was the `tastiest.` From then, Lilim is accepted by Takaya`s parents as a live-in girlfriend of sorts, and Takaya`s heart seems to start wavering towards this voluptuous devil.

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