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Kimiiro Focus 40672012-11-05English
Kimiiro Focus 39562012-11-05English
Kimiiro Focus 38642012-11-05English
Kimiiro Focus 371232012-08-06English
Kimiiro Focus 361122012-08-06English
Kimiiro Focus 351432012-06-28English
Kimiiro Focus 341522012-05-24English
Kimiiro Focus 331472012-04-14English
Kimiiro Focus 321572012-03-05English
Kimiiro Focus 311182012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 301172012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 291082012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 281132012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 271142012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 261082012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 251072012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 241152012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 231142012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 221182012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 211282012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 201382012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 191272012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 181342012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 171262012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 161232012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 151332012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 141382012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 131282012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 121482012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 111582012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 101592012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 91522012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 81642012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 71602012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 61672012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 51752012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 41782012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 31862012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 22272012-02-21English
Kimiiro Focus 15362012-02-21English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , boy, school, love

 Summary   Edit 
Photography is the art to grasp beauty with the one and only tool, a camera. Ooji`s dream is to become a photographer that photographs at the front lines of war, to take pictures of historical events taking place in front of his eyes. However, his childhood friend, Sumire, doesn`t think that he is capable of becoming one.
In his photography club, Ooji shows his photos to the group, and his upperclassman, Ran, points out that Sumire is a good target to photograph. Ooji manages to get permission to take photos of Sumire, and during his shoot, Sumire notices that Ooji is acting differently than before. Later they find out that one of Ooji`s pictures won an award! Sumire congratulates him, but Ooji sees beyond his award. He claims that he learned that he has much more potential than he thinks. Ran, overseeing this, plans to take Ooji to the next level so he can capture true beauty through the lens of a camera!

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