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Kanshakudama no Yuutsu 54172008-05-27English
Kanshakudama no Yuutsu 44042008-05-27English
Kanshakudama no Yuutsu 34592008-05-27English
Kanshakudama no Yuutsu 25342008-05-27English
Kanshakudama no Yuutsu 11,0392008-05-27English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish, girl, love

 Summary   Edit 
This is a two-part manga that was printed with three other short stories together. The tankoubon itself shares the title of this story, Kanshakudama no Yuutsu.

Story 1: Kanshakudama no Yuutsu: Kajika is a female ninja and her parents were murdered by the rival ninja family Hayato when she was a little girl. Now, she lives with her grandfather. She falls in love with her mentor named Fujisaki. But he thinks that Kajika is too male. And Kajika`s childhood friend Yuga has a problem with Fujisaki! When Fujisaki wants to date Kajika, she discovers something that is really shocking and surprising for her.

Story 2: This Affair is for Real: Yuri wants her best friend Karin, a rich girl, to meet her pen friend because she sent him a photo of Karin. For a ordinary dessert Karin do that, and she has a date with Ryo in the aquarium, but nothing is like it should be appearances are deceptive...

Story 3: The Romance in the Afternoon Rain: Minori falls in love with Takato-kun, a boy from an other school because one day he gave her his umbrella when it was raining. Since that day, Minori hopes, that there is every time rain because she wants to be with Takato under his umbrella. But in the middle school Takato got a go-by of a girl and there is a rumour, that he hates all girls since this day. What will Minori do and Who was that girl?

Story 4: The Second Time in Love: This is Tanemura Arinas debut in the year 1995 or 1996. Mana loves the boyfriend of her bestfriend Yume,Nishikawa.kun. But the most popular boy at school, Nakamura Shigenobu, loves Mana and he does not give up. But Mana does not want to fell in love with others guy until she forget about him.

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