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Kandachime 82572011-08-30English
Kandachime 7282011-08-30English
Kandachime 6232011-08-30English
Kandachime 5242011-08-30English
Kandachime 42372011-08-30English
Kandachime 35512012-05-18English
Kandachime 34522012-05-18English
Kandachime 33742011-08-29English
Kandachime 32612011-08-29English
Kandachime 31572011-08-29English
Kandachime 30802011-08-29English
Kandachime 291342010-12-08English
Kandachime 28762010-11-22English
Kandachime 271072010-11-22English
Kandachime 261372010-10-06English
Kandachime 251092010-10-06English
Kandachime 242592010-10-06English
Kandachime 233192010-10-06English
Kandachime 222792010-10-06English
Kandachime 212302010-10-06English
Kandachime 202992010-10-06English
Kandachime 193962010-10-06English
Kandachime 183592010-10-06English
Kandachime 173752010-10-06English
Kandachime 164802010-10-06English
Kandachime 154302010-10-06English
Kandachime 144032010-10-06English
Kandachime 134062010-10-06English
Kandachime 124052010-10-06English
Kandachime 114502010-10-06English
Kandachime 104342010-10-06English
Kandachime 94202010-10-06English
Kandachime 84282010-10-06English
Kandachime 74422010-10-06English
Kandachime 65052010-10-06English
Kandachime 55102010-10-06English
Kandachime 45142010-10-06English
Kandachime 35242010-10-06English
Kandachime 26152010-10-06English
Kandachime 11,0342010-10-06English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , boy, action, school, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
Takuma Zushi just wanted to be left alone. He sleeps in class and skips club. While going home, he sees a girl walking into the woods and decides to follow her. There he witnesses a fight between two sword masters with the prize being the ownership of the `Kandachime`, a sword that can take human form. That girl, Otowa Hagane was about to lose when he naively steps into the fight...

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