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Hot Blooded Woman 241,5492008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 238012008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 228472008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 217852008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 208692008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 198342008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 188692008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 178712008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 168442008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 159212008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 148682008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 139032008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 128902008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 118892008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 109322008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 98812008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 89812008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 71,0282008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 61,0302012-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 51,0922012-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 41,1252012-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 31,2812012-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 21,3882008-05-17English
Hot Blooded Woman 13,6702012-05-17English

 Category   Edit   ?    Korea (Manhwa) , Finish & Good Ending, girl, action, school, love, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
What is a sweet, soft-spoken girl (Ha Li Kang) to do when her brothers, having just learned fencing and martial arts, decide to test some moves out on her in order to `tame her` and make her into their `little slave?` She runs to her knightly friend (Te Hu Kang, not related to Ha Li) for protection, of course. However, what happens when, instead of comforting her, he tells her that she is a coward for running away like a puppy who needs constant protection? No, she does not break down and cry like a weak girl. Instead, she resolves to grow stronger. With rigorous training everyday, Ha Li goes from being a scared girl who cries for help to becoming the Jjang (boss of a gang) of the Doberman gang. However, events lead to Ha Li getting in an accident with a truck. Afterwards, she is reborn into the body of a beautiful, but weak, rich girl Aram Han.

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