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Hisoka Returns 161132008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 15672008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 14662008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 13662008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 12642008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 11642008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 10722008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 9712008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 8682008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 7712008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 6662008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 5662008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 4682008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 3742008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 2832008-07-12English
Hisoka Returns 12722008-07-12English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , love, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
Teacher Hisoka wakes up to find that he has died and is now inhabiting the body of the student he tried to save. This is due to the interference of a monk, who informs him that he cannot tell anyone who he really is or the bond between him and his `new` body will break and he will die for real. Hisoka chooses to retain his memories despite the monk`s warning that it will cause trouble....No doubt it will, since Hisoka is the type who cannot pass someone in trouble without trying to help!

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