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Half Prince 581412012-11-10English
Half Prince 572092012-09-08English
Half Prince 562862012-03-02English
Half Prince 552812011-12-25English
Half Prince 542392011-11-03English
Half Prince 533032011-09-16English
Half Prince 523332011-07-05English
Half Prince 513692011-05-26English
Half Prince 504252011-04-29English
Half Prince 494282011-02-15English
Half Prince 484772010-12-25English
Half Prince 476482010-10-19English
Half Prince 461,0202010-08-16English
Half Prince 457252010-09-06English
Half Prince 446102010-09-06English
Half Prince 435492010-09-06English
Half Prince 424122010-09-06English
Half Prince 416882010-09-06English
Half Prince 401,3812010-09-06English
Half Prince 391,0162010-09-06English
Half Prince 381,2422010-09-06English
Half Prince 371,2462010-09-06English
Half Prince 361,4442010-09-06English
Half Prince 351,3362010-09-06English
Half Prince 341,3512010-09-06English
Half Prince 331,3882010-09-06English
Half Prince 321,3292010-09-06English
Half Prince 311,2892010-09-06English
Half Prince 301,2332010-09-06English
Half Prince 291,2132010-09-06English
Half Prince 281,1532010-09-06English
Half Prince 271,1652010-09-06English
Half Prince 261,1362010-09-06English
Half Prince 251,1182010-09-06English
Half Prince 241,1092010-09-06English
Half Prince 231,1772010-09-06English
Half Prince 221,3182010-09-06English
Half Prince 211,1982010-09-06English
Half Prince 201,1712010-09-06English
Half Prince 191,1152010-09-06English
Half Prince 181,1692010-09-06English
Half Prince 171,2382010-09-06English
Half Prince 161,2092010-09-06English
Half Prince 151,2442009-08-10English
Half Prince 141,2122010-09-06English
Half Prince 131,2272010-09-06English
Half Prince 121,2812010-09-06English
Half Prince 111,2392010-09-06English
Half Prince 101,3242010-09-06English
Half Prince 91,2742010-09-06English
Half Prince 81,2892009-08-10English
Half Prince 71,3372010-09-06English
Half Prince 61,3932010-09-06English
Half Prince 51,3782010-09-06English
Half Prince 41,4122010-09-06English
Half Prince 31,4592010-09-06English
Half Prince 21,6182010-09-06English
Half Prince 14,0552010-09-06English

Also known as , 1/2 Prince, 12 Prince

 Category   Edit   ?    Misc , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
1/2 Prince story is set in year 2100 AD where MMORPG or online games is played with very much realism (almost like real life). Feng Lan a typical high-school girl is challenged by her annoying brother to play `Second Life` an online game.

Feng Lan choose to be a very good looking MALE elf as a a special exception, however every other characters in this game looks exactly the same as in real-life, except of the clothing/custume (or game-gear).

This is an incredibly funny story about a girl playing an online game, plus all the in-game girls chasing after the good looking elf, not to mention some male characters too.

There is 2 different theme in this story which has been carried forward nicely, one being the real-life high-school environment and the other is the in-game fantasy environment.

Although this is classified as a Manhwa for girls, there is enough sexy/girl + action scene for the male audience as well.

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