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Dolls 351102010-06-19English
Dolls 34232010-06-19English
Dolls 33402010-06-19English
Dolls 32792010-04-24English
Dolls 31752010-04-23English
Dolls 30772010-03-26English
Dolls 29552010-03-26English
Dolls 28662010-03-26English
Dolls 27902010-02-03English
Dolls 26702010-02-02English
Dolls 25522010-02-02English
Dolls 24602010-02-02English
Dolls 23512010-02-02English
Dolls 22592010-02-02English
Dolls 21552010-02-02English
Dolls 20652010-02-02English
Dolls 19482010-02-02English
Dolls 18592010-02-02English
Dolls 17632010-02-02English
Dolls 16662010-02-02English
Dolls 15772010-02-02English
Dolls 14602010-02-02English
Dolls 13652010-02-02English
Dolls 12652010-02-02English
Dolls 11832010-02-02English
Dolls 101122010-02-02English
Dolls 9942010-02-02English
Dolls 8972010-02-02English
Dolls 71012010-02-02English
Dolls 61182010-02-02English
Dolls 51372010-02-02English
Dolls 41452010-02-02English
Dolls 31682010-02-02English
Dolls 22572010-02-02English
Dolls 11,4102010-02-02English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , girl, boy, action, mystery, 18

 Summary   Edit 
After the crime rate began to spiral out of control in the third Toutoh empire, a law was established to help expedite trials and relieve the pressure on the overcrowded prisons, which were filled to the brim with criminals who had been sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole. According to this new law, trials could be held and the accused criminals sentenced to death even if they hadn`t been captured yet. Moreover, in order to capture/kill these criminals who had been given a punishment by the courts, the Special Executions police force was created...

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