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Butterfly 37432011-11-16English
Butterfly 36572011-09-03English
Butterfly 35382011-08-27English
Butterfly 34542011-08-09English
Butterfly 33532011-07-30English
Butterfly 32582011-06-22English
Butterfly 31562011-03-23English
Butterfly 30272011-03-23English
Butterfly 29252011-03-23English
Butterfly 281032011-03-23English
Butterfly 27692011-03-23English
Butterfly 26872011-03-23English
Butterfly 252632011-03-23English
Butterfly 242062011-03-23English
Butterfly 232012011-03-23English
Butterfly 222822011-03-23English
Butterfly 212902011-03-23English
Butterfly 202612011-03-23English
Butterfly 192812011-03-23English
Butterfly 182892011-03-23English
Butterfly 172892011-03-23English
Butterfly 163632011-03-23English
Butterfly 154132011-03-23English
Butterfly 145322011-03-23English
Butterfly 135462011-03-23English
Butterfly 125132011-03-23English
Butterfly 115662011-03-23English
Butterfly 106092011-03-23English
Butterfly 95772011-03-23English
Butterfly 86772011-03-23English
Butterfly 76912011-03-23English
Butterfly 68722011-03-23English
Butterfly 59732011-03-23English
Butterfly 41,2232011-03-23English
Butterfly 31,2632011-03-23English
Butterfly 21,6222011-03-23English
Butterfly 13,3002011-03-23English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , boy, 18

 Summary   Edit 
Ishiwaga Genji is a young man who happens to hate any kind of business related to `the other side`, such as ghosts, superstitions or the occult. His despise for the matter is such, that he can quickly break up any girl if they show any interest in matters such as lucky charms or any kind of future reading.

One day, while he was self pondering about his life while ruining a date on a whim, he is suddenly kissed by an elementary school girl go goes by the name `Ageha`, stating that she will use him to `wipe out every ghost in the world`. While the sex appeal of an elementary school kid kiss was not enough to turn Genji to her side, the fact that she `bought him` by paying a huge debt that he had adcquired seems to work quite efficiently.

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