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Black God 93262012-10-14English
Black God 92192012-10-14English
Black God 91152012-10-14English
Black God 90182012-10-14English
Black God 89182012-10-14English
Black God 88242012-10-14English
Black God 87952011-11-28English
Black God 86822011-10-19English
Black God 85812011-10-02English
Black God 84972011-09-19English
Black God 83322011-09-12English
Black God 82692011-09-12English
Black God 811002011-07-16English
Black God 80882011-07-12English
Black God 79862011-07-05English
Black God 78702011-06-10English
Black God 77812011-09-19English
Black God 76452011-05-22English
Black God 75292011-05-21English
Black God 74182011-05-21English
Black God 73442011-05-21English
Black God 72242011-05-21English
Black God 711212011-05-21English
Black God 701062010-09-05English
Black God 69332010-09-02English
Black God 68472010-09-02English
Black God 67892010-09-05English
Black God 66632010-09-05English
Black God 65972010-09-05English
Black God 641422010-09-05English
Black God 633562010-09-05English
Black God 621992010-09-05English
Black God 611832010-09-05English
Black God 601872010-09-05English
Black God 591802010-09-05English
Black God 581762010-09-05English
Black God 571662010-09-05English
Black God 561612010-09-05English
Black God 551702010-09-05English
Black God 541582010-09-05English
Black God 531632010-09-05English
Black God 521532010-09-05English
Black God 512052010-09-05English
Black God 503332010-09-05English
Black God 492232010-09-05English
Black God 482312010-09-05English
Black God 472372010-09-05English
Black God 462322010-09-05English
Black God 452352010-09-05English
Black God 442352010-09-05English
Black God 432422010-09-05English
Black God 422382010-09-05English
Black God 412362010-09-05English
Black God 402492010-09-05English
Black God 392322010-09-05English
Black God 382312010-09-05English
Black God 372902010-09-05English
Black God 362902010-09-05English
Black God 352742010-09-05English
Black God 342462010-09-05English
Black God 332522010-09-05English
Black God 322402010-09-05English
Black God 312582010-09-05English
Black God 302802010-09-05English
Black God 292582010-09-05English
Black God 282482010-09-05English
Black God 272482010-09-05English
Black God 262542010-09-05English
Black God 252562010-09-05English
Black God 242472010-09-05English
Black God 232482010-09-05English
Black God 222742010-09-05English
Black God 213032010-09-05English
Black God 202972010-09-05English
Black God 192912010-09-05English
Black God 182972010-09-05English
Black God 173092010-09-05English
Black God 162932010-09-05English
Black God 153032010-09-05English
Black God 143212010-09-05English
Black God 133462010-09-05English
Black God 123972010-09-05English
Black God 113772010-09-05English
Black God 103772010-09-05English
Black God 93782010-09-05English
Black God 84382010-09-05English
Black God 74782010-09-05English
Black God 65722010-09-05English
Black God 55862010-09-05English
Black God 46272010-09-05English
Black God 37242010-09-05English
Black God 28582010-09-05English
Black God 12,1092010-09-05English

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Black God is about a computer programmer who meets a Mototsuitama (divine spirit) over a bowl of ramen and loses an arm because of it. He wakes up the next morning with the arm intact and discovers that every person has a doppleganger and some even have a triple liner.

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