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Binetsu Shoujo 29102011-11-21English
Binetsu Shoujo 28112011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 2752011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 263262011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 251852011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 241872011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 231882011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 221712011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 211772011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 201942011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 191932011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 181902011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 171742011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 161782011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 151952011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 141992011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 131972011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 121942011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 111992011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 102082011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 92072011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 82212011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 72152011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 62272011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 52362011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 42472011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 32752011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 22972011-08-11English
Binetsu Shoujo 16772011-08-11English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , girl, school, love

 Summary   Edit 
Rina seems like your cute, every-day school girl whose going to school and looking for love. However, it`s Rina`s poor health and constant fevers that seems to prevent her from doing what she wants.

Yet, that doesn`t stop her from falling in love with a boy she sees on the train to school everyday. When she finally works up the courage to confess her feelings to him, she finds herself meeting and falling in love with someone different altogether.
Binetsu Shoujo is about their blossoming love and the many battles they fight to be together.

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