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Billion Girl 351052011-05-13English
Billion Girl 34442011-05-06English
Billion Girl 33172011-05-06English
Billion Girl 32732011-05-06English
Billion Girl 311152011-04-19English
Billion Girl 30922011-04-19English
Billion Girl 292312010-10-15English
Billion Girl 282932011-04-19English
Billion Girl 276152011-04-19English
Billion Girl 265742011-04-19English
Billion Girl 255782011-04-19English
Billion Girl 246252011-04-19English
Billion Girl 237032011-04-19English
Billion Girl 226452011-04-19English
Billion Girl 219152011-04-19English
Billion Girl 207362010-10-15English
Billion Girl 196812010-10-15English
Billion Girl 181,6002010-10-15English
Billion Girl 171,0532010-10-15English
Billion Girl 165282010-10-15English
Billion Girl 151,2502010-10-15English
Billion Girl 141,1662010-10-15English
Billion Girl 131,1592010-10-15English
Billion Girl 121,1282010-10-15English
Billion Girl 111,1662010-10-15English
Billion Girl 101,2552010-10-15English
Billion Girl 91,2462010-10-15English
Billion Girl 81,2582010-10-15English
Billion Girl 71,2712010-10-15English
Billion Girl 61,3472010-10-15English
Billion Girl 51,4242010-10-15English
Billion Girl 41,4792010-10-15English
Billion Girl 31,6352010-10-15English
Billion Girl 21,9312010-10-15English
Billion Girl 16,7842010-10-15English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
Our counter part in china are 30 years old mnager with dozen employees reporting to them? No special reason - there are simply too many labors.I guess teenagers are not incapable to think of good ideas. Some of them are just frustrated by the reality. `Who is rich because his father is rich; whose father is rich because he sold his flat before 1997...` How can`t a teenager feel tired?

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