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c 21 - final act2862012-05-05English
c 20 - friendship1302012-05-05English
c 19 - choice1042012-05-05English
c 18 - invasion1002012-05-05English
c 17 - decision1052012-05-05English
c 16 - truth1052012-05-05English
c 15 - at the devine ward1122012-05-05English
c 14 - final desperation1132012-05-05English
c 13 - bond1182012-05-05English
c 12 - hatred1172012-05-05English
c 11 - disaster1292012-05-05English
c 10 - the devine guardian1322012-05-05English
c 9 - the ancient miracle1482012-05-05English
c 8 - enemy1372012-05-05English
c 7 - warrior1352012-05-05English
c 6 - berserker1522012-05-04English
c 5 - awakening1492012-05-04English
c 4 - revelations1832012-05-04English
c 3 - chosen one2352012-05-04English
c 2 - resonance3072008-05-05English
c 1 - a chance meeting1,1842012-05-04English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish, boy

 Summary   Edit 
Hizuru Oborozuki is a student of the TIAA, a prestigious Arts school in Tokyo, and the local ace of ice skating, though she doesn`t train much; Takuya Hijo is a young composer who has written a melody for the competition Hizuru`s going to take part in. His music awakens in her a new energy, and Takuya reveals that they are the only two descendants of Teous, who in ancient times sealed a race of demons, the `Suspicion`, who are now free and back on earth; through Takuya`s music Hizuru transforms into a beautiful warrior, ready to fight to protect the world.

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