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Ayatsuri Sakon 19522008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 18302008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 17232008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 16262008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 15302008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 14272008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 13282008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 12362008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 11392008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 10352008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 9392008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 8392008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 7342008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 6402008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 5402008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 4372008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 3432008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 2872008-07-12English
Ayatsuri Sakon 12492008-07-12English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , mystery

 Summary   Edit 
Born in a Bunraku family, Tachibana Sakon is trained to become a Bunraku puppet master. With a pretty face, timid character and such reliance and dependence on his puppet friend Ukon, no one would expect that he is the one his policewoman aunt Kaoruko would turn to when she faces perfect crimes. With Ukon on his hand, Sakon instantly changes from a timid boy into a careful, quiet, observant, calculating detective. Quite a contrast to Ukon, who is a chatterbox that is much more into popstars and talking to girls. This uncanny pair can see through the criminal`s plots as well as the victim`s mind. As Sakon`s grandfather once said: `Controlling a puppet is reading the heart. You have to put yourself in the shoe of the one you want to portray.`

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