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Angel Wars 163352012-05-04English
Angel Wars 151612012-05-04English
Angel Wars 141542012-05-04English
Angel Wars 131652012-05-04English
Angel Wars 121672012-05-04English
Angel Wars 111782012-05-04English
Angel Wars 101892012-05-04English
Angel Wars 92052012-05-04English
Angel Wars 81892012-05-04English
Angel Wars 72072012-05-04English
Angel Wars 62232012-05-04English
Angel Wars 52182012-05-04English
Angel Wars 42302012-05-04English
Angel Wars 33022012-05-04English
Angel Wars 23912012-05-04English
Angel Wars 11,2052012-05-04English

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`Forgive me. I can`t become a servant of the Lord yet,` Maria says as she runs from her vows ceremony at the convent where she was orphaned 16 years ago. She has received another letter from the mysterious `G,` her faceless benefactor. She is not as alone in the world as she thinks; `G` writes that she has a relative at Hakuhou Academy who is in need of her guidance, but he cannot tell her this relative`s name. Trying to enroll and search the school presents Maria with a number of problems, however -- the foremost of which is: Hakuhou is an all boys school!

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