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Aiki 953492012-12-26English
Aiki 944782012-10-31English
Aiki 935542012-08-31English
Aiki 925952012-08-07English
Aiki 917092012-07-10English
Aiki 907392012-05-10English
Aiki 897492012-04-09English
Aiki 887092012-03-13English
Aiki 877942012-02-05English
Aiki 867832012-01-09English
Aiki 856132011-12-22English
Aiki 846262011-11-30English
Aiki 836242011-11-14English
Aiki 825722011-11-02English
Aiki 815442011-10-27English
Aiki 805842011-10-16English
Aiki 795122011-10-13English
Aiki 784032011-10-04English
Aiki 772222011-10-03English
Aiki 764192011-10-03English
Aiki 756482011-09-27English
Aiki 747382011-08-06English
Aiki 736542011-08-01English
Aiki 727202011-07-29English
Aiki 718482011-07-02English
Aiki 709112011-05-29English
Aiki 697782011-05-13English
Aiki 689612011-02-02English
Aiki 671,0192010-12-10English
Aiki 666222010-11-26English
Aiki 659622010-11-26English
Aiki 641,6002010-11-04English
Aiki 632,4032010-11-04English
Aiki 621,2272010-11-04English
Aiki 611,1392010-11-04English
Aiki 601,9622010-11-04English
Aiki 591,4972010-11-04English
Aiki 582,1452010-11-04English
Aiki 571,7282010-11-04English
Aiki 561,9552010-11-04English
Aiki 551,7622010-11-04English
Aiki 541,5832010-11-04English
Aiki 531,5142010-11-04English
Aiki 521,5492010-11-04English
Aiki 511,4552010-11-04English
Aiki 501,7082010-11-04English
Aiki 491,4282010-11-04English
Aiki 481,4362010-11-04English
Aiki 471,4832010-11-04English
Aiki 461,5692010-11-04English
Aiki 451,5882010-11-04English
Aiki 441,6402010-11-04English
Aiki 431,6462010-11-04English
Aiki 421,8052010-11-04English
Aiki 411,6812010-11-04English
Aiki 401,8512010-11-04English
Aiki 391,6682010-11-04English
Aiki 381,8942010-11-04English
Aiki 372,0512010-11-04English
Aiki 362,0012010-11-04English
Aiki 352,0872010-11-04English
Aiki 342,1142010-11-04English
Aiki 332,0252010-11-04English
Aiki 322,0202010-11-04English
Aiki 312,0272010-11-04English
Aiki 302,1832010-11-04English
Aiki 292,0532010-11-04English
Aiki 282,1202010-11-04English
Aiki 272,0332010-11-04English
Aiki 262,0672010-11-04English
Aiki 252,0772010-11-04English
Aiki 241,9622010-11-04English
Aiki 231,9802010-11-04English
Aiki 222,1182010-11-04English
Aiki 212,1922010-11-04English
Aiki 202,3662010-11-04English
Aiki 192,1872010-11-04English
Aiki 182,2572010-11-04English
Aiki 172,2242010-11-04English
Aiki 162,4412010-11-04English
Aiki 152,4212010-11-04English
Aiki 142,4762010-11-04English
Aiki 132,4742010-11-04English
Aiki 122,5992010-11-04English
Aiki 112,5572010-11-04English
Aiki 102,8672010-11-04English
Aiki 92,6482010-11-04English
Aiki 82,7282010-11-04English
Aiki 72,7662010-11-04English
Aiki 62,9162010-11-04English
Aiki 53,0382010-11-04English
Aiki 43,1922010-11-04English
Aiki 33,9602010-11-04English
Aiki 24,0202010-11-04English
Aiki 17,1592010-11-04English

Also known as , 愛気, 麻辣功夫王

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , boy, action, school, 18

 Summary   Edit 
There are fighting ongoing at a high school due to a power struggle for the control. A beautiful young girl, the granddaughter of the director, requests help by a tough silly young man renowned for his genius fighting style. At the same time other beautiful girls appear from the same high school, who want him as well as teacher. Will he help and if so, which side will he choose to support? Or will he just show his true face with his bad boy ways?

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