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A Girls 157472011-03-15English
A Girls 145182011-03-15English
A Girls 137972010-08-29English
A Girls 127752010-08-29English
A Girls 118552010-08-29English
A Girls 109712010-08-29English
A Girls 99002010-08-29English
A Girls 89442010-08-29English
A Girls 77,9802010-08-29English
A Girls 66,5052010-08-29English
A Girls 56,9782010-08-29English
A Girls 47,4122010-08-29English
A Girls 37,8152010-08-29English
A Girls 210,0902010-08-29English
A Girls 122,5572010-08-29English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , girl, mystery, 18

 Summary   Edit 
Kazao is happy with his life on Mirai (`Future`) Island. Sure, his parents abandoned him after he was born, leaving him to be raised at the orphanage-like facility, but his life is comfortable and has his friends, especially the lovely Eiko, the girl he loves. One night, however, he has a horrible nightmare where he sees himself die in a motorcycle accident. After that, everything changes. The next day, his parents are miraculously `found` and he is torn from his idyllic life and Eiko`s side to be thrust into a world he knows only from television shows and school assignments. Dropped unceremoniously in the middle of a city with only a sketchy map for guidance, Kazao is saved from wandering aimlessly in search of his new home by the cute and forward Yuu, who turns out to be in his class at his new school as well. Despite his best efforts to accept his parents` sudden return and Yuu`s friendly overtures, Kazao can`t shake the feeling that things aren`t quite right. Nor can he forget Eiko. Why did his parents wait sixteen years to call him back? And why is the piano the only used piece of furniture in his parents` new house? The mysteries begin to pile one atop the other as the lies fall apart in this intriguing story of future possibilities and innocent romance.

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