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Files Pending Voting

rLove Junkiesc1 1500%1%
rKatekyo Hitman Rebornc4094%5%
rThe World God Only Knowsc110 70210%10%
rNoblessec1 2729%8%
rNoblessec1 27210%5%
rNoblessec1 17%11%
rBeelzebubc141 English18%33%
rBeelzebubc141 English20%30%
rKatekyo Hitman Rebornc1 40991%80%
rHunter X Hunterc32082%65%
r20th Century Boysc1 2684%78%
r20th Century Boysc1 2676%96%
rFlame of Reccac1 121%38%
rFlame of Reccac19%28%
rFlame of Reccac19%81%
rFlame of Reccac141%36%
rOuran High School Host Clubc47 1120%40%
rDr Slumpc4 536%58%
rDetective Conanc844 83011%35%

What is Pending Files

Once a new file has been uploaded by one of our readers it will appear as `File pending vote`. Once a pending file receive sufficient votes, it will appear on the website.

How to upload a file

Step 1: Getting the file
Download the file from a scanlator website, or Zip the chapter that you wish to upload

Step 2: Uploading
Select a manga title, then click `Upload` (Top of the screen, next to the Rating). When an upload page appears, type in the chapter number, description (optional), click `browse` to select the file on your computer and then click on `Upload`.

Step 3: Vote for approval
Once it has been uploaded, click on `approve` to check your upload. You can then submit your vote. Once your file has received sufficient votes from other readers, it will appear on the website.
Help: Pending files
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