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Sakuratetsu Taiwahen manga is refered to as Sakura Tetsutaiwahen manga on our website

Hosting Permanently Disabled has stop hosting this manga/comic service.

Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 141542008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 13762008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 12822008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 11922008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 101022008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 9982008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 8992008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 71122008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 61352008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 51432008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 41582008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 31772008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 22322008-07-12English
Sakura Tetsutaiwahen 17312008-07-12English

Also known as Sakuratetsu Taiwahen

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish, boy, action, school, love, comedy, robot

 Summary   Edit 
In the center on a metropolis city lies a small, shaky-looking house. A normal... Okay... Not so normal high school student, Sakura Tetsu (and his family), who works day and night relentlessly to support his family`s living expenses, lives there. All is normal until one day, people from the future, alien pirates from outer space, appear. The underground kingdom claims Tetsu`s land. Will he prevail in protecting his own land? Or will he surrender his land into many more invaders to come? Yes... Weirdness and insanity ensues

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