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Love-wind manga is refered to as Koi Kaze manga on our website

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Koi Kaze 351,5022010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 345752010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 335802010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 324712010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 315012010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 305042010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 294652010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 284172010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 274222010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 263832010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 254202010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 243642010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 233642010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 223712010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 213902010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 204182010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 193522010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 183872010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 173572010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 163372010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 154312010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 143622010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 133782010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 123622010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 113832010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 105132010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 94242010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 84932010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 74862010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 64752010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 55042010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 46542010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 37592010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 21,4962010-08-28English
Koi Kaze 16,5572010-08-28English

Also known as , Love-wind, 恋風

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish & Good Ending, boy, school, love, 18

 Summary   Edit 
Nanoka and Koshiro were separated at a young age when their parents divorced. Now, 10 years have passed, and Koshiro has already forgotten about his younger sister. Yet, Nanoka has decided to attend the nearby high school and come back to live with her father and brother. However, the two had met just before Nanoka came back to live together and without knowing each other`s real identity, they went on a date, only to find out that they were actually siblings...

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