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My Balls 417,5302010-08-28English
My Balls 404,7372010-08-28English
My Balls 398,3222010-08-28English
My Balls 388,3912010-08-28English
My Balls 375,3212010-08-28English
My Balls 368,8432010-08-28English
My Balls 356,3622010-08-28English
My Balls 346,1802010-08-28English
My Balls 337,0152010-08-28English
My Balls 325,9422010-08-28English
My Balls 316,9592010-08-28English
My Balls 307,1482010-08-28English
My Balls 297,3062010-08-28English
My Balls 286,4632010-08-28English
My Balls 277,2752010-08-28English
My Balls 269,8752010-08-28English
My Balls 259,6402010-08-28English
My Balls 249,4702010-08-28English
My Balls 239,3102010-08-28English
My Balls 228,6792010-08-28English
My Balls 219,7322010-08-28English
c 20 - Exam Time9,6022010-08-28English
c 19 - A Ridiculous Attack!?8,6092010-08-28English
c 18 - She`s Gonna Watch!?8,7972010-08-28English
c 17 - A Perverse Cupid?8,6572010-08-28English
c 16 - While Watching the Balls...!?8,6832010-08-28English
c 15 - An Invisible but Pleasant Sensation...!8,4752010-08-28English
c 14 - Many Dangers...!?7,8962010-08-28English
c 13 - My Balls are in Danger Maybe...!?8,3102010-08-28English
c 12 - In Dreams we Fight!8,1602010-08-28English
c 11 - I`m Glad But Oh Shi-!?8,6972010-08-28English
c 10 - A... A Contract!?9,0902010-08-28English
c 9 - Shit I Did It!9,2082010-08-28English
c 8 - That`s Not Good!8,8702010-08-28English
c 7 - In A Pinch!9,1502010-08-28English
c 6 - A Happy Shriek!?9,5682010-08-28English
c 5 - A New Assassin!?10,4202010-08-28English
c 4 - In My Dreams!?10,8292010-08-28English
c 3 - It Hurts But It Feels Good!12,4732010-08-28English
c 2 - I Can See Them...!?12,9112010-08-28English
c 1 - That Already?!24,6422010-08-28English

Also known as , My ball, My Testicles

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
A 19 year old loser named Kohta accidentally gets the queen of terror sealed in his balls by an angel. The problem is, it is believed that in that month, the humanity would be destroyed by that same demon. In order to not let that happen, he cannot ejaculate. The only thing is...will he be able to keep up with all the temptation?

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