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Moe Kare 3472012-05-23English
Moe Kare 3312012-05-23English
Moe Kare 322012-05-23English
Moe Kare 312012-05-23English
Moe Kare 3022012-05-23English
Moe Kare 292012-05-23English
Moe Kare 281,3202012-05-23English
Moe Kare 278162012-05-23English
Moe Kare 267532012-05-23English
Moe Kare 257332012-05-23English
Moe Kare 247522012-05-23English
Moe Kare 237102012-05-23English
Moe Kare 227382012-05-23English
Moe Kare 217452012-05-23English
Moe Kare 208452012-05-23English
Moe Kare 197552012-05-23English
Moe Kare 187512012-05-23English
Moe Kare 177742012-05-23English
Moe Kare 168002012-05-23English
Moe Kare 158502012-05-23English
Moe Kare 148052012-05-23English
Moe Kare 138402012-05-23English
Moe Kare 128252012-05-23English
Moe Kare 118462012-05-23English
Moe Kare 108262012-05-23English
Moe Kare 97952012-05-23English
Moe Kare 88082012-05-23English
Moe Kare 78392012-05-23English
Moe Kare 68732012-05-23English
Moe Kare 58412012-05-23English
Moe Kare 49082012-05-23English
Moe Kare 39152012-05-23English
Moe Kare 29642012-05-23English
Moe Kare 11,9702012-05-23English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
This story is about Wakamiya Hikaru. She is a 15-year-old teenager who wants a boyfriend that`ll protect her. She likes to read shoujo manga all the time. One day, she gets kissed by a handsome, perverted boy who she called the `Perverted Prince.` Later on, she finds a guy who looks exactly like him, but the eyes are different. What`s going on? Is that the same person?

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