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Boku Wa Ne 1822011-05-20English
Boku Wa Ne 1772012-05-08English
Boku Wa Ne 161142011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 15422011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 14412011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 13472008-07-12English
Boku Wa Ne 12512008-07-12English
Boku Wa Ne 11432011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 10552011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 9542011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 8562011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 7592011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 6712011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 5802011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 4922011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 31112011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 21182011-04-07English
Boku Wa Ne 15872011-04-07English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
Tetsuta`s mother died when he was a small child, and after that his father always came home late from work. It had always been Tetsuta`s wish that his dad would come home early. Then one day his dad announced that they would be having a new babysitter to take care of them! Tetsuta was strongly against this until he met this beautiful babysitter...

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