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Beach Stars 684972010-10-28English
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Beach Stars 662472010-10-27English
Beach Stars 651942010-10-22English
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Beach Stars 591632010-10-15English
Beach Stars 581902010-10-14English
Beach Stars 572732010-10-12English
Beach Stars 562482010-10-06English
Beach Stars 551922010-09-29English
Beach Stars 542052010-09-26English
Beach Stars 531012010-09-23English
Beach Stars 521702010-09-23English
Beach Stars 512132010-09-18English
Beach Stars 501792010-09-18English
Beach Stars 492562010-09-18English
Beach Stars 482382010-09-18English
Beach Stars 473152010-09-18English
Beach Stars 463842010-09-18English
Beach Stars 452952010-09-18English
Beach Stars 442162010-09-18English
Beach Stars 432152010-09-18English
Beach Stars 422482010-09-18English
Beach Stars 412492010-09-18English
Beach Stars 402632010-09-18English
Beach Stars 392272010-09-18English
Beach Stars 382522010-09-18English
Beach Stars 372492010-09-18English
Beach Stars 363032010-09-18English
Beach Stars 353582010-09-18English
Beach Stars 343002010-09-18English
Beach Stars 335312010-09-18English
Beach Stars 324972010-09-18English
Beach Stars 314712010-09-18English
Beach Stars 301,2642010-09-18English
Beach Stars 291,1232010-09-18English
Beach Stars 281,0852009-08-28English
Beach Stars 271,2662010-09-17English
Beach Stars 261,3002010-09-17English
Beach Stars 251,2922010-09-17English
Beach Stars 241,5672010-09-17English
Beach Stars 231,7192010-09-17English
Beach Stars 221,6082010-09-17English
Beach Stars 211,7682010-09-17English
Beach Stars 201,9492010-09-17English
Beach Stars 191,7432010-09-17English
Beach Stars 181,7702010-09-17English
Beach Stars 171,8332010-09-17English
Beach Stars 161,8012010-09-17English
Beach Stars 151,9042010-09-17English
Beach Stars 141,9712010-09-17English
Beach Stars 131,9562010-09-17English
Beach Stars 122,0462010-09-17English
Beach Stars 112,0512010-09-17English
Beach Stars 102,3192010-09-17English
Beach Stars 92,0522010-09-17English
Beach Stars 81,9302010-09-17English
Beach Stars 72,0812010-09-17English
Beach Stars 62,2742010-09-17English
Beach Stars 52,5962010-09-17English
Beach Stars 43,1722010-09-17English
Beach Stars 34,1742010-09-17English
Beach Stars 25,4292010-09-17English
Beach Stars 113,6452010-09-17English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish, 18, sport

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This is the story of Nanase Iruka. She`s short, tomboyish, and her one joy in life is volleyball. On Iruka`s 17th birthday her Volleyball club is disbanded. Feeling somewhat depressed she and her friends from the club take a trip to the beach and discover Beach volleyball. Iruka cant wait to play and rushes to the court only to be told to give up being a player because of her short stature by the local Volleyball Diva. In a rage Iruka challenges her to a match to prove her abilities. It doest look like she has a chance but Iruka has a secret weapon and nobody will ever make fun of her on the beach again....well....Not about her ability to play Volleyball anyway...

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