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Saishu Heiki Kanojo manga is refered to as Saikano manga on our website

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Saikano 721,1782012-05-29English
Saikano 713752012-05-29English
Saikano 703592012-05-29English
Saikano 693902012-05-29English
Saikano 684332012-05-29English
Saikano 673902012-05-29English
Saikano 663282012-05-29English
Saikano 652792012-05-29English
Saikano 642582012-05-29English
Saikano 632662012-05-29English
Saikano 622642012-05-29English
Saikano 612672012-05-29English
Saikano 602722012-05-29English
Saikano 592362012-05-29English
Saikano 582152012-05-29English
Saikano 572142012-05-29English
Saikano 562102012-05-29English
Saikano 552102012-05-29English
Saikano 542072012-05-29English
Saikano 532132012-05-29English
Saikano 522002012-05-29English
Saikano 512082012-05-29English
Saikano 502312012-05-29English
Saikano 491972012-05-29English
Saikano 482112012-05-29English
Saikano 472172012-05-29English
Saikano 462252012-05-29English
Saikano 452192012-05-29English
Saikano 442062012-05-29English
Saikano 432012012-05-29English
Saikano 422092012-05-29English
Saikano 412112012-05-29English
Saikano 402292012-05-29English
Saikano 392212012-05-29English
Saikano 382312012-05-29English
Saikano 372232012-05-29English
Saikano 362242012-05-29English
Saikano 352292012-05-29English
Saikano 342132012-05-29English
Saikano 332162012-05-29English
Saikano 322052012-05-29English
Saikano 312262012-05-29English
Saikano 302592012-05-29English
Saikano 292252012-05-29English
Saikano 282452012-05-29English
Saikano 272702012-05-29English
Saikano 262262012-05-29English
Saikano 252452012-05-29English
Saikano 242582012-05-29English
Saikano 232542012-05-29English
Saikano 222542012-05-29English
Saikano 212572012-05-29English
Saikano 202702012-05-29English
Saikano 192592012-05-29English
Saikano 182862012-05-29English
Saikano 172852012-05-29English
Saikano 163012012-05-29English
Saikano 153082012-05-29English
Saikano 143232012-05-29English
Saikano 133502012-05-29English
Saikano 123372012-05-29English
Saikano 113942012-05-29English
Saikano 105212012-05-29English
Saikano 94012012-05-29English
Saikano 84642012-05-29English
Saikano 74662012-05-29English
Saikano 64592012-05-29English
Saikano 55202012-05-29English
Saikano 46322012-05-29English
Saikano 38202012-05-29English
Saikano 21,0272008-05-24English
Saikano 14,5692012-05-29English

Also known as Saishu Heiki Kanojo

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
Shy Chise and nervous Shuji are high school seniors in a small town and have just started dating. But everything changes when Shuji discovers that Chise has been engineered by the Japanese Self Defense Force to transform into the Ultimate Weapon! Soon Chise is torn between realizing her potential as a devastating fighting force and her desire to share a bowl of ramen with her new boyfriend!

This is one epic love story. c:

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