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Devil Encyclopedia manga is refered to as Akuma Jiten manga on our website

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Akuma Jiten 35822010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 34362010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 33362010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 32382010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 31352010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 30422010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 29372010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 28392010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 27442010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 26422010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 25482010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 24442010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 23462010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 22392010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 21432010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 20452010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 19432010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 18482010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 17532010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 16552010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 15482010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 14602010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 13622010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 12652010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 11592010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 10662010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 9662010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 8682010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 7932010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 6892010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 51062010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 41132010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 31532010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 21992010-08-29English
Akuma Jiten 15452010-08-29English

Also known as , Demon Encyclopedia, Devil Encyclopedia, あくまじてん, 悪魔事典

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish & Good Ending, boy, action, school, monster, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
Hiroyuki is a 16 year-old boy who is just starting a life of living on his own. He finds a great deal on a huge house for only 10,000 yen a month in rent. Sure the house is a little run down and perhaps even downright spooky, but it`s better than nothing...until he meets Milky Way! Milky Way is a Demoness and she has her eyes set on making Hiroyuki her servant

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