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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga is refered to as Sailor Moon manga on our website

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Sailor Moon 5122018-01-16English
Sailor Moon 522112011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 51222011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 50242011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 49152011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 48152011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 47162011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 46182011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 45182011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 44152011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 43182011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 42212011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 41172011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 40272011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 39152011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 38172011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 37152011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 36152011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 35222011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 34342011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 33382011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 32192011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 31212011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 30312011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 29272011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 28282011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 27292011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 26232011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 25352011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 24482011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 23322011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 22322011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 21292011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 20452011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 19322011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 18362011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 17402011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 16422011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 15462011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 14492011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 13372011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 12472011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 11312011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 10482011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 9392011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 8452011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 7482011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 6542011-05-19English
Sailor Moon 5562011-05-18English
Sailor Moon 4452011-05-18English
Sailor Moon 3712011-05-18English
Sailor Moon 21252011-05-18English
Sailor Moon 15852011-05-18English

Also known as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , girl, action, school, love, magic, mystery

 Summary   Edit 
Tsukino Usagi is 14 years old and in her second year of middle school. She`s a bit of a crybaby and klutzy. However, she can transform into the senshi of justice, Sailormoon! An eternal classic that should be read by all.updated by ainee

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