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BioMeat Nectar manga is refered to as Biomeat manga on our website

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c 105 - 7 years later - End9042010-09-02English
Biomeat 1046682008-12-26English
Biomeat 1035352010-09-02English
Biomeat 1025472010-09-02English
Biomeat 1015312010-09-02English
Biomeat 1005462010-09-02English
Biomeat 995102010-09-02English
Biomeat 985052010-09-02English
Biomeat 975052010-09-02English
Biomeat 965072010-09-02English
Biomeat 955122010-09-02English
Biomeat 945072010-09-02English
Biomeat 935212010-09-02English
Biomeat 925042010-09-02English
Biomeat 915022010-09-02English
Biomeat 905452010-09-02English
Biomeat 894862010-09-02English
Biomeat 884992010-09-02English
Biomeat 875072010-09-02English
Biomeat 864922010-09-02English
Biomeat 855152010-09-02English
Biomeat 844842010-09-02English
Biomeat 835072010-09-02English
Biomeat 825002010-09-02English
Biomeat 814982010-09-02English
Biomeat 805262010-09-02English
Biomeat 795082010-09-02English
Biomeat 785292010-09-02English
Biomeat 775162010-09-02English
Biomeat 765462010-09-02English
Biomeat 755332010-09-02English
Biomeat 745822010-09-02English
Biomeat 735522010-09-02English
Biomeat 725242010-09-02English
Biomeat 715882010-09-02English
Biomeat 706112010-09-02English
Biomeat 695752010-09-02English
Biomeat 685842010-09-02English
Biomeat 675522010-09-02English
Biomeat 665372010-09-02English
Biomeat 655452010-09-02English
Biomeat 646512010-09-02English
Biomeat 635792010-09-02English
Biomeat 625872010-09-02English
Biomeat 615992010-09-02English
Biomeat 606132010-09-02English
Biomeat 596002010-09-02English
Biomeat 586172010-09-02English
c 57 - 7 years later (recontinue)6972010-09-02English
c 56 - UsBM: Ends (Ending)6642010-09-02English
Biomeat 556182010-09-02English
Biomeat 545832010-09-02English
Biomeat 536082010-09-02English
Biomeat 525892010-09-02English
Biomeat 515862010-09-02English
Biomeat 506022010-09-02English
Biomeat 495872010-09-02English
Biomeat 485802010-09-02English
Biomeat 475932010-09-02English
Biomeat 465812010-09-02English
Biomeat 456042010-09-02English
Biomeat 446312010-09-02English
Biomeat 436152010-09-02English
Biomeat 425942010-09-02English
Biomeat 415902010-09-02English
Biomeat 406142010-09-02English
Biomeat 396022010-09-02English
Biomeat 385922010-09-02English
Biomeat 375842010-09-02English
Biomeat 365932010-09-02English
Biomeat 356072010-09-02English
Biomeat 346092010-09-02English
Biomeat 335942010-09-02English
Biomeat 325942010-09-02English
Biomeat 315942010-09-02English
Biomeat 306092010-09-02English
Biomeat 295932010-09-02English
Biomeat 286072010-09-02English
Biomeat 276072010-09-02English
Biomeat 266162010-09-02English
Biomeat 255892010-09-02English
Biomeat 245992010-09-02English
Biomeat 235942010-09-02English
Biomeat 226052010-09-02English
Biomeat 216542010-09-02English
Biomeat 206412010-09-02English
Biomeat 196472010-09-02English
Biomeat 186232010-09-02English
Biomeat 176432010-09-02English
Biomeat 166862010-09-01English
Biomeat 156922010-09-01English
Biomeat 146822010-09-01English
Biomeat 136572010-09-01English
c 12 - War with UsBM: Starts6812010-09-01English
c 11 - Fillers7082010-09-01English
c 10 - BM (Original) Ends7052010-09-01English
Biomeat 96982010-09-01English
Biomeat 87052010-09-01English
Biomeat 76862010-09-01English
Biomeat 66812010-09-01English
Biomeat 57072010-09-01English
Biomeat 47442010-09-01English
Biomeat 37822010-09-01English
Biomeat 29022010-09-01English
Biomeat 11,8042010-09-01English

Also known as , Bio Meat, BioMeat Nectar, BioMeat USBM

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Finish & Good Ending, boy, action, school, monster

 Summary   Edit 
The basic idea is that man is having a hard time finding food and getting rid of their trash, so science comes up with a bio-engineered animal that survives by eating trash, and is then killed to feed humanity. You can guess what may happen if a self-replicating, endlessly hungry killing machine got loose in Tokyo

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