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Zero no Tsukaima 401022012-05-31English
Zero no Tsukaima 39432012-05-31English
Zero no Tsukaima 38422012-05-31English
Zero no Tsukaima 37652012-05-31English
Zero no Tsukaima 369892010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 354262010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 344182010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 333942010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 322152010-11-22English
c 31 - Includes Omaki and lots of special6822010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 304852010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 294022010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 284042010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 273862010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 264142010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 254232010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 244112010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 233762010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 223682010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 214142010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 204252010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 193682010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 184032010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 174032010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 164042010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 154032010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 144092010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 134202010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 124232010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 114632010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 104952010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 94272010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 84612010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 74952010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 65372010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 55542010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 45602010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 36192010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 27202010-11-22English
Zero no Tsukaima 11,8212010-11-22English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , girl, action, school, love, magic, monster, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
The continent of Halkeginia is tumultuous--a place where the various kingdoms, princedoms, dukedoms, and fiefdoms strive against each other to expand their domains. They nobility scheme and plot among themselves to gain influence to their lieges or to even foreign lieges. In the middle of Halkeginia is the small but important kingdom of Tristein. The most notable fact about this kingdom is the Tristein Academy of Magic where nobility from all over the world come to study magic so they can become magi. Although friendships will form across national boundaries at this school, will they survive the politics and games of the world at large once they leave?

Louise is a student at Tristein Magical Academy. She is known to be quite a screw up when it comes to her magic. One day, a ceremony takes place where each student is to call forth a being or entity that will become his or her familiar. For Louise, her familiar comes in the form of a boy named Hiraga Saito. Somehow, he managed to get transported from his world into hers, and shortly after became her familiar.

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