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Yamato Gensouki 171112008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 16662008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 15662008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 14582008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 13602008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 12642008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 11632008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 10672008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 9622008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 8702008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 7652008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 6702008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 5782008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 4842008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 3912008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 21032008-07-12English
Yamato Gensouki 14072008-07-12English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
Shion is a young man working for the Onmyou Organization under false pretenses. He is attempting to avenge the destruction of his nation and the deaths of his family members, and targets the Empress in an attempt to destroy her homeland. However, their destinies are in fact entwined, as she not only dislikes destruction, but wishes to unite all of Japan peacefully. updated by ainee

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