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Usagi Drop 58692012-05-04English
Usagi Drop 57742012-04-28English
Usagi Drop 561172011-07-23English
Usagi Drop 55802011-07-23English
Usagi Drop 54662011-07-18English
Usagi Drop 53622011-07-17English
Usagi Drop 52562011-07-15English
Usagi Drop 51712011-07-15English
Usagi Drop 50622011-06-14English
Usagi Drop 49262011-06-14English
Usagi Drop 48352011-06-14English
Usagi Drop 47592011-06-14English
Usagi Drop 46612011-06-11English
Usagi Drop 45552011-06-09English
Usagi Drop 44402011-06-08English
Usagi Drop 43582011-06-08English
Usagi Drop 42632011-06-04English
Usagi Drop 41332011-06-03English
Usagi Drop 40342011-06-03English
Usagi Drop 39272011-06-02English
Usagi Drop 38232011-06-02English
Usagi Drop 37412011-06-02English
Usagi Drop 36572011-06-02English
Usagi Drop 35552011-04-19English
Usagi Drop 34872011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 33282011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 32332011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 31402011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 30542011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 291632011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 282312011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 271822011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 262352011-01-12English
c 25 - Season 2- Rie is 16 years old3762011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 243222011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 231772011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 221732011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 211782011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 202002011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 192062011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 182632011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 172132011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 162412011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 152232011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 142272011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 132232011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 122402011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 112602011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 103452011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 93032011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 83232011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 73912011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 63212011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 53752011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 43852011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 34012011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 24982011-01-12English
Usagi Drop 11,7242011-01-12English

Also known as Rabbit Drop

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , girl, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
When Daikichi returns home for his grandfather`s funeral he meets an unfamiliar child in the garden. Later, his mother explains to him that Rin is grandfather`s illegitimate daughter! The presence of the child causes embarrassment to all relatives and nobody wants to adopt her. Daikichi, annoyed by such attitude, decides to take care of her himself. How will the cohabitation between the bachelor and the quiet Rin evolve?

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