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Remnant 36642012-01-28English
Remnant 35522012-01-07English
Remnant 34262011-12-17English
Remnant 33162011-12-17English
Remnant 32172011-12-17English
Remnant 31322011-12-17English
Remnant 30312011-11-19English
Remnant 29332011-11-19English
Remnant 28362011-11-01English
Remnant 27272011-10-15English
Remnant 26252011-10-15English
Remnant 25342011-10-15English
Remnant 24272011-10-14English
Remnant 23202011-10-14English
Remnant 22502011-10-14English
Remnant 21762011-08-23English
Remnant 20672011-08-08English
Remnant 19472011-07-11English
Remnant 18372011-07-11English
Remnant 17612011-07-11English
Remnant 16922011-05-23English
Remnant 15622011-05-13English
Remnant 14462011-05-13English
Remnant 13472011-05-13English
Remnant 12502011-05-13English
Remnant 11462011-05-13English
Remnant 10582011-05-13English
Remnant 9472011-05-13English
Remnant 8562011-05-13English
Remnant 7642011-05-13English
Remnant 6692011-05-13English
Remnant 5702011-05-13English
Remnant 4832011-05-13English
Remnant 31132011-05-13English
Remnant 21362011-05-13English
Remnant 19412011-05-13English

 Category   Edit   ?    Korea (Manhwa) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
Officer Park Yoon Hee is a beautiful girl who has high hopes of being accepted in the Violent Crime Division. However, her father, the chief of police, has other plans for her… so instead of the Violent Crime Division, he assigns her to the Unsolved Crime Division, where nothing ever gets done and there is only one other staff member!

However, the excitement that she eagerly longs for barges into her life when she meets a mysterious boy…

In full color :)

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