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Princess Lucia 19962012-03-14English
Princess Lucia 18642012-02-06English
Princess Lucia 17842012-03-14English
Princess Lucia 161302011-09-16English
Princess Lucia 151482011-08-22English
Princess Lucia 141612011-06-06English
Princess Lucia 131502011-03-19English
Princess Lucia 12792011-02-01English
Princess Lucia 111092011-02-01English
Princess Lucia 101722010-11-06English
Princess Lucia 91282010-10-31English
Princess Lucia 81672010-10-12English
Princess Lucia 71892010-10-12English
Princess Lucia 65182010-10-12English
Princess Lucia 54242010-10-12English
Princess Lucia 44352010-10-12English
Princess Lucia 35202010-10-12English
Princess Lucia 26542010-10-12English
Princess Lucia 11,8912010-10-12English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , boy, action, school, love, magic, monster, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
Koizumi Yuta is a 14 year old boy who has quite a bit of a problem. The princess of the magical world, Lucia, has to procreate with him. That child would have the ability to engulf the entire world for 7 whole days. Mikamoto El and Kasukabe Rie are the two angels assigned to make sure that doesn`t happen. Kasukabe Rie happens to be the girl he likes. Just how is he going to survive this ordeal?

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