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Over Time 122012011-07-02English
Over Time 111372011-07-02English
Over Time 101552011-07-02English
Over Time 91512011-07-02English
Over Time 81502011-07-02English
Over Time 71552011-07-02English
Over Time 61722011-07-02English
Over Time 51632011-07-02English
Over Time 41692011-07-02English
Over Time 31882011-07-02English
Over Time 22082011-07-02English
Over Time 16222011-07-02English

 Category   Edit   ?    US (Comics) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

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I can understand the telinlg off, but suspect mine wouldn`t travel well they`re pretty fragile. I made them last night but was not concentrating 100% (trying to watch Masterchef at the same time). I did the apple version and forgot to mix it into the topping and just spread it over the jam. I found they took much longer to cook (probably just over 1 hour for the second bake) and I was convinced they wouldn`t set as it seemed so crumbly I was already planning PB and raspberry crumble and custard`. I think my tin was a little small so they were extra deep and also I don`t have a mixer so had to do the rubbing in by hand. So it was quite late when I finished them and I resisted trying to turn them out until this morning when I was delighted to find they had set! The outside` ones are a bit messy and some fell apart but the rest look good and the bits I have tasted now have me testing my willpower. I might allow myself 1 more at lunchtime.I will certainly try again using a bigger tin and mixing in the apple. I may also drizzle chocolate over the top to stop them crumbling as much purely a practical addition, honestly!

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