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Need a girl 218732011-04-02English
Need a girl 205812011-04-02English
Need a girl 195162011-04-02English
Need a girl 185492011-04-02English
Need a girl 175732011-04-02English
Need a girl 165362011-04-02English
Need a girl 155732011-04-02English
Need a girl 145352011-04-02English
Need a girl 135462011-04-02English
Need a girl 125812011-04-02English
Need a girl 116112011-04-02English
Need a girl 107292011-04-02English
Need a girl 96862011-04-02English
Need a girl 87382011-04-02English
Need a girl 78632011-04-02English
Need a girl 69712011-04-02English
Need a girl 59892011-04-02English
Need a girl 41,0492011-04-02English
Need a girl 31,1392011-04-02English
Need a girl 21,4012011-04-02English
Need a girl 13,1372011-04-02English

 Category   Edit   ?    Korea (Manhwa) , boy, school, love, comedy, 18

 Summary   Edit 
Three boys who are desperately struggling to `make` a girlfriend in their sad adolescent lives. They then realize that their classmate, Ghang Han-Gyul - the manly, serious, quiet person of their class - has been secretly going out with a beauty for 100 days* (about 3 months).This triggers the friendship between the manly, serious Han-Gyul and the three dateless wonders.

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