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Jack Frost 151122012-05-18English
Jack Frost 14802012-05-18English
Jack Frost 13772012-05-18English
Jack Frost 12832012-05-18English
Jack Frost 11812012-05-18English
Jack Frost 10942012-05-18English
Jack Frost 91,0102012-05-18English
Jack Frost 89012012-05-18English
Jack Frost 79122012-05-18English
Jack Frost 61,0232012-05-18English
Jack Frost 51,1142012-05-18English
Jack Frost 41,1842012-05-18English
Jack Frost 31,6332012-05-18English
Jack Frost 22,0902008-07-22English
Jack Frost 13,9272012-05-18English

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You are correct of coruse but this test is for all the people who think they will make it into Heaven on a scale of goodness . The test just illustrates what would qualify a person as being good enough in Gods eyes to get into Heaven according to His standard. You must be perfect in thoughts, words and deeds from birth to death with zero flaws. It is an impossible standard to meet on a scale of goodness and that is the whole point. Without Jesus, there is NO HOPE for salvation at all for any human.

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