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Dear 50182011-08-14English
Dear 4122011-12-23English
Dear 4032011-10-21English
Dear 3922011-12-23English
Dear 3842011-08-11English
Dear 37122011-08-11English
Dear 36202011-06-25English
Dear 3572011-04-22English
Dear 3452011-04-22English
Dear 3342011-04-22English
Dear 3252011-04-22English
Dear 31222010-11-23English
Dear 30192010-09-03English
Dear 2932010-09-03English
Dear 2882010-09-03English
Dear 272010-09-03English
Dear 2662010-09-03English
Dear 2542010-09-03English
Dear 24272010-09-03English
Dear 23332010-09-03English
Dear 22262010-09-03English
Dear 21362010-09-03English
Dear 20312010-09-03English
Dear 19282010-09-03English
Dear 18252010-09-03English
Dear 17272010-09-03English
Dear 16282010-09-03English
Dear 15262010-09-03English
Dear 14342010-09-03English
Dear 13352010-09-03English
Dear 12362010-09-03English
Dear 11472010-09-03English
Dear 101,1622010-09-03English
Dear 99162010-09-03English
Dear 87972010-09-03English
Dear 77862010-09-03English
Dear 68322010-09-03English
Dear 59182010-09-03English
Dear 49662010-09-03English
Dear 38992010-09-03English
Dear 21,0962010-09-03English
Dear 12,2582010-09-03English

 Category   Edit   ?    US (Comics) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
Meet Chiruha: She lives alone in a small secluded house deep in a mountainous forest, the TV her only connection to the outside world. After years of watching and dreaming of what life must be like in the outside world, she has gathered up her courage to venture out and explore the local village. However, she must be careful not to stand out among the humans, for Chiruha holds a secret...

Kisara also holds a secret...and a grudge. He`s searching for who--or whatever cursed him, and he may have finally found the answer...

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